#Domaine Saint Ferréol

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The Vineyard

The Vineyard

Sheltered by the Bessillons Mountain and sited on south-facing terraced slopes at an altitude of 340 – 375 meters above sea-level, the 21 ha of vineyard benefit from both large amounts of sunshine and from cool nights as the grapes reach full maturity. This micro-climate and topography work in combination with the limestone-clay soils to produce a fresh, fruity wine. All these natural qualities are enhanced in the wine-making process.

The Grapes

Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault and Carignan are blended to produce our red and rosé wines.
Grenache gives the wine structure and strength, Syrah adds aromas of red berries. Cinsault gives suppleness and fruity tones while Carignan gives the reds a firm colour and body. Another variety of grapes named Caladoc were planted in 2018.
Rolle (also called Vermentino) produce our white wine.

A Good Agricultural Practice

So we practice a controlled grass cover, which encourages biodiversity, reduces the vulnerability of vines to disease, allows to regulate the vigour of the vines, to control the yield, and then to preserve the wine quality.
With a predominance of old vines (60% is over 30 years old) the yield is relatively modest and the grapes have to be picked by hand, but recently-planted vines are harvested by machine.

The Vinification

The vinification seeks to exploit the natural assets of our soil.
We destem and crush lightly the grapes when they arrive at the cellar.
Rosé and white wines are made by cold maceration before fermentation to achieve maximum flavour. We use a pneumatic press with cross drains to extract the juice faster. Fermentation temperatures are closely controlled. The red wines are produced by traditional methods. Daily stirring during the fermentation period ensures that colour and fruit flavours are extracted to the full.
As is the tradition in Provence, we blend different varieties of grape to produce our wines.

The Domaine offers rental of 2 rural holiday cottages, the Moulin and the Terrasses of Couchant.