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Domaine de Saint-Ferréol Slide A vineyard but also an ideal place
to spend your holiday
Saint Ferréol
Saint Ferréol

A vineyard but also
an ideal place to spend your holiday

Saint Ferréol estate is situated deep in the countryside of the department of the Var between the Verdon gorges and the hills of Sainte-Baume and Sainte-Victoire. It lies on the plain of Pontevès, at the foot of the Bessillons peaks. The property has been transmitted from generation to generation since 1720. In 1979, Armelle and Guillaume de Jerphanion decided it was their turn to invest their lives in the future and preservation of this heritage. The German scholar and the historian then learned the skills of the peasants and the wine growers. They communicated their passion to their son, Thomas, who takes over, at the age of 34.
On the 250-acre estate the young producer grows grapes and cereal crops. He makes wines which carry the official designation of origin (AOC) Coteaux Varois de Provence, and local wines.
In order to share their pleasure to live there, the owners rent two comfortable holiday accommodations: “le Moulin” and “Les Terrasses du Couchant”.

The Vineyard

The vineyard is sheltered by the Bessillons mountain and sited on south-facing terraced slopes at an altitude of 340 – 375 meters above sea-level.

The Vines

The vines benefit from both large amounts of sunshine and from cool nights as the grapes reach full maturity.

The Soil

The soil is limestone-clayey.

The Variety of Grapes

Grenache, Syrah, Carignan, Cinsault, and recently planted Caladoc will produce red and rosé wine. Ugni blanc, Rolle or Vermentino will produce white wine.

The Cultivation

We practice a controlled grass cover, we use fertilizers and water in reasonable proportions in order to protect the biodiversity, our training methods are Goblet (bush vines) or Cordon de Royat (spur pruning).

The Harvest

The old grapes (60% are over 30 years old) with limited production have to be picked by hand, but recently-planted vines are harvested by machine.

A bit of history

For years, Domaine Saint
Ferréol has been linked to the Provence.

1st Century AD
Remains of agricultural work
Middle Age
Pontevès Family
Late XVth Century
Chapel and farm buildings are present
Late XVIth Century
All land was named Saint Ferréol
XVIIth Century
Pierre Maurel, a rich banker
XVIIIème Century
Joseph Lyon, buyer
Joseph, Joseph Lyon’s grandson
Julie Lyon de Saint Ferréol married Peyrache d’Ampus
XIXème Century
Alphonse François Peyrache d’Ampus and Fanny Heraud, Julie’s children
Jules de Lyle Taulane father and then son
Claire de Lyle Taulane and then Franck de Jerphanion
XXème Century
Jean de Jerphanion
Marie de Jerphanion, Jean’s sister
Edouard de Jerphanion
Guillaume and Armelle de Jerphanion
Coteaux Varois
XXIème Siècle
Thomas de Jerphanion

A team at
your service

Thomas de Jerphanion

Manager and Winegrower

Fabienne Santy

Sales manager and administrative assistant

Sébastien and Killian

Skilled workers
Our Wines

Terroir and vinification methods

Domaine Saint Ferréol belongs to the vineyards of Coteaux Varois en Provence, which are located in the heart of ``calcareous Provence``. The production is strictly limited to 28 communes grouped around Brignoles and Saint-Maximin La Sainte Baume.
Rosé and white wines are made by cold maceration prior to fermentation, to achieve maximum flavour. Fermentation temperatures are closely monitored and controlled.
The red wines are produced by traditional methods. Frequent stirring during the fermentation period ensures that colour and fruit flavours are extracted to the full. The length of time allowed for fermentation varies according to the characteristics of the particular year.

Domaine Saint Ferréol 2019

Coteaux Varois en Provence – Rosé

Domaine Saint Ferréol 2017

Coteaux Varois en Provence – Red

Domaine Saint Ferréol 2019

Coteaux Varois en Provence – White

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The Domaine offers rental of 2 rural holiday cottages, the Moulin and the Terrasses of Couchant.