Saint-Ferréol - The land, its produce and the wine-making process 

The land, its produce and the wine-making process

The Domaine de Saint Ferrèol is part of the officially-designated area of origin (AOC) of ‘Coteaux Varois en Provence’, an area which covers 28 villages and their surrounding land in the vicinity of Brignoles and Saint Maximin.

Climate and Soil

Côteaux Varois en Provence

Sheltered by the Bessillons mountain, and sited on south-facing terraced slopes at an altitude of 1,115- 1,227 feet above sea-level, the 50 acres of vineyard benefit from both large amounts of sunshine and from cool nights as the grapes reach full maturity. This micro-climate and topography work in combination with the limestone-clay soils to produce a fresh, fruity wine. With a predominance of old vines (60% are more than 40 years old) the yield is relatively modest and the grapes from these vines have to be picked by hand, but recently-planted vines are harvested by machine.

Varieties of grape

For the red and rosé wines:

  • carignan
  • grenache
  • cinsault
  • syrah

These four varieties of grape are fermented separately and then blended.

Grenache gives the wine structure and strength, Syrah adds shades of purple and aromas of red berries. Cinsault gives suppleness and fruity tones while Carignan gives the reds a firm colour and body.

Varieties of grape

For the white wines:

  • ugni blanc
  • Rolle (also called "Vermentino")
  • chardonnay
Varieties of grape

The wine-making process

Depending on the grape variety, the rosé and white wines are made either by cold maceration prior to fermentation to achieve maximum flavour, or by pressing immediately after picking (selecting the best pressings). Fermentation temperatures are closely monitored and controlled.

The red wines are produced by traditional methods. Daily stirring during the fermentation period ensures that colour and fruit flavours are extracted to the full. The length of time allowed for fermentation varies according to the characteristics of the particular year.