Saint-Ferréol - A Provençal estate 

A Provençal estate

The ‘Domaine de Saint-Ferréol’ estate is situated deep in the countryside of the département of the Var, between the uplands of the Verdon and the Sainte Baume and Sainte Victoire mountains. The estate lies on the plain of Pontevès, at the foot of the Bessillons peaks. The property has been handed down from generation to generation since 1720, with Armelle and Guillaume de JERPHANION taking over in 1979.

On the 250-acre estate they grow grapes and cereal crops. They make wines which carry the official designation of origin (AOC) Coteaux Varois de Provence, and local Pays du Var wines. Since 1998 they have also run the vineyard of the Domaine de Riforan in the nearby village of Entrecasteaux.

In 1993, wishing to share with others the pleasures of living here, they opened bed and breakfast and self-catering accommodation for visitors.

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